Office of Enterprise Project Management, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (EPMP-IE)

The Office of Enterprise Project Management, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (EPMP-IE) is charged with leading the College's strategic planning efforts, providing consultation and assistance to 皇冠体育 campuses and service areas in integrated planning, and supporting institutional effectiveness through continuous improvement efforts across the College.

EPMP-IE Purpose Statement

To support 皇冠体育 in identifying its strategic choices, continuous improvement and performance tracking to ensure all employees see the impact of their role in supporting the College's mission and collectively achieving its vision.


皇冠体育 utilizes the integrated planning model in its pursuit to achieve its mission and actualize its vision. The strategic continuum below provides a clear visual representation of each planning element flow, connection and purpose across the entire 皇冠体育 planning spectrum.

The Office of Enterprise Project Management, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (EPMP-IE) supports planning efforts through the coordination and facilitation of planning at three levels:

EPMP-IE Planning Continuum spectrum

Long-Term Planning

In November 2021, the 皇冠体育 Board of Trustees adopted 皇冠体育 Reimagined, the College's 2022-2031 strategic plan.

The development of 皇冠体育 Reimagined was spearheaded by EPMP-IE, who gathered insight from over 38,000 unique expressions collected through thirty-one employee charrettes, forty-seven internal and external stakeholder meetings, thirty-six individual interviews and two comprehensive surveys.

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Mid-Term Planning

The strategic plan is complimented by the 皇冠体育 Reimagined Playbook, which is comprised of three-year campus and service area plans that specify deliverables for how the College will progress on the strategic plan.

Each goal featured in a campus or service area plan directly supports an overarching goal featured in the strategic plan. 

Learn more about the 皇冠体育 Reimagined Playbook (PDF)

Short-Term Planning

Campus and service area plans are operationalized through annual Institutional Effectiveness Plans (IEPs).

IEPs are completed by over sixty key planning unit managers across the College and feature specific, short-term (one year or less) goals that support the campus and service area plans and the overarching strategic plan.

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Please reach out to EPMP-IE anytime for more information about the strategic plan, the IEP cycle or general EPMP-IE operations.