皇冠体育 has many scholarship opportunities for students. To find out what scholarships you may qualify for, search the 皇冠体育 Scholarship Search database. First consideration is given to applications received on or before April 1.

Scholarship search

The easiest way to find out which 皇冠体育 scholarships you may qualify for is to use the online Scholarship Search. You will be asked a series of questions and based on your answers, a list of possibilities will be returned to you.

NOTE: These scholarships are for students who will have completed a high school degree or equivalent before starting the next academic term. If you are a high school student taking college classes, talk with your high school counselors about any possible scholarship opportunities.

Scholarship Search Download scholarship list (PDF)

How to apply for scholarships

First consideration is given to applications received on or before April 1.

  1. Go to the online scholarship search and answer the questions.
  2. Select the scholarships that interest you.
  3. If you searched as a guest, you may choose to submit the application later by giving your email address so we can send you a special link to use. Or you can choose to apply right away by continuing with an application for admission. We'll submit your scholarship selections at the same time we process your application for admission.
  4. If you searched while logged in to my皇冠体育KC, just click the button to apply!
  5. Check your student email account for confirmation and next steps.
  6. Login to my皇冠体育KC, Student Center to see what else is required to be considered for the scholarships. Many scholarships require submitting materials such as letters of recommendation and essays.
  7. On the Student Center Home drop down, select Scholarship Application Status.
  8. For the items that are not completed, click the link to get instructions.
  9. Prepare your materials and submit them accordingly; be careful to follow directions exactly.
  10. Check your Scholarship Application Status page to see when your application is complete.

Students who do not submit all required documents will not be considered for that scholarship.

Transfer Scholarships

Your 皇冠体育 degree may be the ticket to scholarships from other area colleges and universities.

Outside Scholarships 皇冠体育's ScholarWise (Access currently open to 皇冠体育 employees and students. Please check back often to see if access is open to the public) includes a list of non-皇冠体育 scholarships available through community partners and organizations. This list is published as a way to help students quickly identify outside funding opportunities.

If you are a community partner who would like to share your scholarship with our students, please email

4-year college transfer scholarships

Institutional scholarships

Students must submit a scholarship application unless otherwise noted below.

Institutional scholarship funds are non-refundable. Institutional scholarships can be used for tuition, fees, and educationally-related books and supplies in the 皇冠体育 Bookstore.

Depending on other types of aid the student is receiving, the institutional award may be minimal or not applicable.